I Don’t Want You to Soar

To My Nearly Two Year Old:

I don’t want you to soar.

In order to soar, you need wind. I don’t want you to need anyone else, aside from yourself and God, to fly. Your feet don’t have to leave the ground in order for you to touch the sky.

I always thought I would want to be the wind beneath your wings. I was wrong. My mother was my wind and when I lost her, my world deflated and I was left in a tail spin. I don’t want that to ever happen to you. I will be your cheerleader, your biggest fan, your toughest critic, and your shoulder to cry on when you need one, but I will NOT be your wind.

I don’t want you to soar.

There’s a story of Greek mythology I read in middle school. The main character was a young man by the name of Icarus. His father warned him not to fly too close to the sun, but he ignored him. He was so enraptured with flying that he pushed the limits and flew too close. The heat from the sun melted his wings and he fell.

You are wonderful and fully deserving of all this world has to offer. You are now and always will be good enough and I will remind you ever and often of this fact. You don’t need to soar to prove yourself. 

The sky is endless in every direction, but you are not. You have limits. You have breaking points. You are one of the most independent children I have ever seen. Sometimes, you get a little too brave. You try to climb just that little bit farther and fall. Right now, I can catch you. My arms don’t reach the sun and I can’t keep your wings from melting.

I don’t want you to soar.

I want you to dive.

I want you to take a breath and jump. Dive in… to fun, to life, to reason, to purpose. Dive fast. Dive hard. Dive deep. Dive in feet first. Dive in nose down. Just dive! Don’t be afraid to make a splash.

I have lived in fear of failure for most of my life. I have missed out on laughter, on love, on joy. I have missed out on accomplishment, success, and lessons, because I was too afraid to dive in. I want better for you.

I want you to dive.

Dive in and learn to swim, because once you do, no one can take that from you. You don’t need anyone else to dive. Just some courage, and I know you God can give you that.

Remember, you can always come up for air if you need it. If you do get into trouble, though, don’t worry. Moms double as life guards and we’re always on duty!

Dive, son, Dive!


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