The Horizon

For My Little Daddy,

Now and always you will continue to push me farther than I think I can go ~

The Horizon

The whole horizon is yours,

I leave nothing out.

It’s all for you.

Anything you can see, my dear,

Anything you can dream, my darling,

It’s all yours.

All the sunsets,

All the starry nights,

Anything and everything,

That brings a smile to your lovely face,

It’s yours.

I will let nothing stop you from reaching you goals,

I will fight until my dying day,

As long as breath is in my body,

As long as the heart beneath my chest has the faintest beat,

I will work to make your dreams come true.

I will give all that I can,

I will love with all that I have,

I will cry with you,

I will laugh with you.

I will share in your joy,

I will share in your hurt.

Whenever your tears fall,

Mine fall also.

Whenever your heart breaks,

Mine falls to pieces.

Whenever your heart smiles,

Mine shares that same smile.

There is nothing you can do that I will not be a part of.

I will forever be there, right beside you,

Not behind,

Never in front of,

But I will be there with you,

Side by side,

And side by side, my dear,

We will walk hand in hand into the horizon,

Because, my darling,

The whole horizon is yours,

I leave nothing out.

It’s all for you

❤ Like Baby Bear Soup


6 thoughts on “The Horizon

  1. Beth, I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a new follower because I see a bit of myself in you.

    I read that you have a difficult time with failure and criticism so I am apprehensive in what I am about to say and hope you don’t take it the wrong way. Try reading some about writing. Stephen King’s “On Writing” is great. Try avoiding “thing ” words (something, nothing). See what you can do with that little advice. It’s advice someone once gave me. Good luck!


    • Thank you for the follow! And for the advice, as well. I truly appreciate it. If it will help enhance my work and hone my skill, I’m all for it. I’m a poet at heart and I feel as though that makes me a bit wordy at times. I throw in extra commas, more freely use words like “and” and “though,” as well as emotion words or words to show extremes. It is something I need to work on. I look forward to more of your critique. I so agree with your most recent post. I don’t want to be told my work is awesome when it’s not and I don’t think I’m everyone’s cup of tea. I understand there are different writing styles and different readers for those styles. Again, please feel free to be honest and open with your feedback because it is appreciated!

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